We love songs for kids!

That’s why we’ve picked our 5 favorites to share with you.

You see, kids songs get a bad wrap. That’s why we’re writing our own music here at My MusicBox! We think that children’s songs are GENIUS – who knew you could use music to convince your children to do specific things like move their arms in new ways, or practice making new sounds, or even…wait for it – FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Even in our top five songs for kids, we hope that you’ll agree – songs for children can inspire incredible things.

So, because we love kids songs that help your kids do great things, here are our top 5 favorites!

Our favorites are:

We Are The Dinosaurs, Laurie Berkner
Wheels On The Bus, Raffi (his original melody is so different than how it’s typically sung!)
Bumblebee, Laurie Berkner
What I Am, Will.i.am on Sesame Street
Usher’s ABC Song, Sesame Street

What are some of your favorite songs?

Have a musical day!